A Guide to Search Results for "DMV"

The search term "dmv" is an acronym that, for English speakers, is virtually synonymous with the terms "Department of Motor Vehicles" and/or "Division of Motor Vehicles," with a certain amount of noise introduced into search results by companies that use the initials DMV to refer to themselves as well as noise created by various German acronyms that are not indexed on this page. In the United States, many (if not most) government agencies that are responsible for licensing drivers and motor vehicles use the initialism DMV, such as the California DMV. As for similar agencies that are not officially known as the DMV, enough people on the World Wide Web refer to these agencies as the DMV to help search engine algorithms magically interpret queries for DMV as referring to agencies with completely different names, such as the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles, the Florida DHSMV, the Georgia DMVS, and the Department of Licensing in Washington State, as well as the various Departments of Revenue and Offices of the Secretaries of State who are responsible for licensing drivers and motor vehicles.

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