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The term "DWI California" is usually used by people who are looking for information about driving while intoxicated in the State of California. The term "DWI" is a generic phrase which usually refers to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a combination of the two. It is sometimes used interchangeably with such phrases as "drunk driving" or "DUI" (driving under the influence); "DUI" is the most commonly employed term in California. In can also refer to the offense of so-called drunk driving "per se": driving a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of .08% or higher. In most cases, an arrest will result in prosecution for both offenses.

Are you looking for information about "DWI California"?

  • California DUI
    An excellent general overview of California's DUI laws, police procedures, license suspensions, DUI lawyers, car insurance, etc.
  • The Drunk Driving Law Center
    Very large website containing information on California DUI laws, police procedures, evidence, penalties, lawyers, blood-alcohol analysis, car insurance. Over 500 links.
  • Driver's Guide to DWI
    Legal resources and links from the Drunk Driving Law Center, with emphasis on California.
  • DUI Blog
    Commentary on the defects, fallacies and Constitutional damage of the "war on drunk driving".
  • The DWI Dilemma
    Social/political views contrary to MADD's, from the National Motorists Association.

Are you looking for a California attorney who specializes in drunk driving defense?

  • California DUI
    Good discussion of the factors to consider in looking for a lawyer to represent you, including recommendations as to the best DUI attorneys in California.
  • California DUI Lawyers
    8-attorney "A-V" rated law firm in Southern California that devotes its practice to DWI defense exclusively.
  • San Francisco DWI
    DUI defense firm representing DUI clients exclusively in the greater San Francisco bay area.
  • International Referral Database
    Listing of DWI lawyers and information around the world.
  • FindLaw
    Listing of DWI attorneys in California.
  • National Motorists Association
    NMA's list of California lawyers specializing in driving while intoxicated defense.
  • Yahoo
    Directory of Los Angeles DWI law firms.
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