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The search term "Orange County" is an ambiguous geographic reference to one of eight different locations in the United States: Orange County, California; Orange County, Florida; Orange County, Indiana; Orange County, New York; Orange County, North Carolina; Orange County, Texas; Orange County, Vermont; or Orange County, Virginia. Orange County, California has the most dominant presence on the World Wide Web and is also the setting of a movie about an aspiring young writer hoping to escape Orange County by attending Stanford University. However, Orange County, New York is typically the geographic location of the most relevance to search queries because it is the home of Orange County Choppers, well-known among motorcycle enthusiasts as a brand name of custom motorcycles.

Are you looking for websites covering every "Orange County" in the United States?

  • OrangeCounty.com
    A comprehensive guide to the eight different Orange Counties in the United States, featuring local Web sites and other resources in each county.

Are you looking for web directories and portals covering "Orange County," California?

Are you looking for government websites in "Orange County," California?

Are you looking for information about the law and law enforcement in "Orange County," California?

Are you looking for news and media websites in "Orange County," California?

  • The Orange County Register
    The flagship of Freedom Communications, publishing a daily newspaper and 23 weekly newspapers in Orange County, California.
  • Orange County Weekly
    Orange County's premier alternative online source for opinionated news and technology coverage, entertainment calendars and reviews, classifieds and personals.
  • Los Angeles Times - Orange County
    Local edition of the Los Angeles Times, offering news and features of interest to readers in Orange County, California.
  • Orange County Business Journal
    A weekly publication providing online access to the current week's issue and searchable archives.

Are you looking for information about travel and transportation to, in and around "Orange County," California?

  • John Wayne Airport (SNA)
    Owned and operated by Orange County, John Wayne Airport is the only commercial service airport in Orange County and one of only two airports to accommodate general aviation traffic, servicing almost 8 million passengers annually.
  • Orange County Transportation Authority
    Providing bus and rail service in Orange County.

Are you looking for information about entertainment and the arts in "Orange County," California?

  • Orange County Performing Arts Center
    The world's greatest singers, dancers, actors and musicians create spectacular entertainment in The Center's acoustically superb 3,000 seat Segerstrom Hall and the intimate ambiance of the 250 seat Founders Hall.
  • Orange County Museum of Art
    The museum's significant permanent collection chronicles California's unique art history and provides a dynamic context in which to view the museum's changing exhibitions.
  • Philharmonic Society of Orange County
    Since its inception in 1954, the Philharmonic Society has been a primary catalyst for cultural growth in Orange County.
  • Orange County Fair Exposition Center
    Home of the Orange County Fair, Pacific Amphitheatre, Centennial Farm, Youth Expo and variety family events throughout the year.

Are you looking for information about science and nature in "Orange County," California?

  • Orange County Astronomers
    A non-profit educational organization with nearly three hundred members for Southern California residents interested in astronomy, telescopes and space exploration.
  • Orange County Zoo
    An eight acre zoo located in Irvine Regional Park exhibiting flora and fauna native to the southwestern United States.
  • Coastkeeper Home Page
    A non-profit environmental activist organization whose mission is to protect and preserve Orange County's marine habitat and watersheds through education, restoration and enforcement.

Are you looking for a library in "Orange County," California?

  • Orange County Public Library
    A network of 32 community libraries operated within the jurisdiction of Orange County's 33 incorporated cities as well as unincorporated areas of the county.

Are you looking for information about health and safety in "Orange County," California?

  • Children's Hospital of Orange County
    A 202-bed, tertiary-level hospital founded in 1964 and located in the city of Orange with a medical staff of more than 500 physicians offering nearly every pediatric specialty and providing a full spectrum of healthcare services ranging from prevention programs for healthy children to the most advanced medical care for those serious illnesses.
  • Orange County Health Care Agency
    Performs a variety of public health, medical, behavioral and regulatory functions that promote and protect the general public, serve special needs populations, assist business and industry and facilitate the work of other community based providers.
  • American Red Cross Orange County
    Officially recognized on July 1, 1965, but providing services to the community since the Spanish-American War.
  • Orange County Fire Authority
    Serving 22 of Orange County's incorporated cities as well as all unincorporated county areas.

Are you looking for volunteer service organizations in "Orange County," California?

  • Volunteer Center Orange County
    Established in 1958 as a connector for individuals interested in volunteering, today's Volunteer Center is the county's one-stop resource for charitable activities. The Center offers a variety of programs and services designed to address every aspect of nonprofit management and volunteerism.
  • The Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America
    Extensive information about scouting activities, training and membership as well as general information and answers to frequently asked questions about camping and outdoor activities in Orange County.
  • The Orange County Rescue Mission
    A non-profit, faith-based organization committed to assisting the homeless in a transition from an environment of poverty and dependence to financial stability and self-sufficiency.
  • Goodwill Industries of Orange County
    Providing people with disabilities and other barriers the opportunity to achieve their highest levels of personal and economic independence.

Are you looking for information about parks and beaches in "Orange County," California?

  • County of Orange Harbors Beaches & Parks
    Operating and managing 33,000 acres of parkland and open space including regional and wilderness parks, nature preserves and recreational trails, historic sites and harbors and beaches.
  • Orange County Beaches
    Clickable maps provide information on access and facilities for beaches in Orange County. Internationally recognizable pictograms show recreational uses, beach feature sand amenities for beach locations, including lifeguard services and parking.

Are you looking for computer groups and organizations in "Orange County," California?

Are you looking for websites featuring the movie named "Orange County" that is set in Orange County, California?

  • IMDB.com - Orange County (2002)
    Comprehensive information about the cast and crew, featuring reviews, plot summary, discussion forums, trailers and links to fan Sites.

Are you looking for websites covering "Orange County," Florida?

Are you looking for websites covering "Orange County," New York?

Are you looking for websites covering "Orange County," North Carolina?

Are you looking for websites covering "Orange County," Texas?

Are you looking for websites covering "Orange County," Virginia?

  • Orange County Virginia
    The Official Web Site of the government ofÔøΩ Orange County, Virginia.
  • Orange County Public Schools
    Offering instruction to students from kindergarten to grade 12 with a total enrollment of 4,101 as of March 2, 2004.
  • Orange County Review
    A Media General newspaper serving Orange County, Virginia.
  • Orange County Public Library
    Founded in 1903 as a private non-profit agency to provide free library service to the citizens of Orange County, Virginia and its adjoining counties, the library became an Orange County agency in 1992.
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