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The search term "blood alcohol levels" is frequently used by people who are looking for information about the analysis of blood alcohol, which is commonly used in drunk driving or DUI investigations. Blood-alcohol analysis is that division of forensic toxicology that deals with analyzing the amount of ethyl alcohol (i.e., drinking alcohol) that exists in a person's blood. This is commonly accomplished by measurement of alcohol by weight in the individual's breath, blood or urine (called "urinalysis"). Alcohol is measured directly in the blood and indirectly in urine and breath. When urine is measured, a ratio of 1.3:1 is used in estimating the alcohol actually in the blood. Alcohol in the breath is measured by one of various commercially manufactured breath-alcohol instruments, such as the Intoxilyzer 5000 or Data Master, which apply a ratio of 2100:1 (i.e., for every part of alcohol in the measured breath in the statistically average person, there are 2100 parts in the blood). Most forms of breath analysis, however, are non-specific for alcohol -- that is, they measure different chemical compounds and falsely report them as alcohol.

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  • Blood-Alcohol Testing
    All about breath and blood alcohol consumption, metabolism and testing.
  • Alcohol and the Human Body
    Very general discussion of the physiological effects of ethanol.
  • MADD
    Argument from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for increased criminal penalties for higher blood alcohol levels.
  • Wikipedia - Blood Alcohol Content
    Wikipedia entry for blood alcohol content. Entry also contains information about effects at different BAC levels, units of measurement, legal limits in different states and countries, and more.
  • Blood Alcohol Content
    Explanation of blood alcohol content and the what symptoms are exhibited at different levels.

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  • Intoximeters, Inc
    One of the major manufacturers of breath instruments used by law enforcement.

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