A Guide to Search Results for "California DUI Attorney"

The search term "California DUI Attorney" is a somewhat unequivocal query that is typically used by people who are looking for a lawyer who is (1) licensed to practice in the state of California and (2) represents people who have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Under California law, a DUI arrest can and usually does give rise to two separate criminal charges, the first charge being driving under the influence of alcohol or a combination of alcohol and drugs, which can be largely established with police opinion testimony, and the second charge being that of driving with a blood-alcohol concentration level of .08% or higher. In addition to these criminal charges, someone who has been arrested for DUI in California can have their driver's license suspended. However, the arrestee has the right to contest this suspension by demanding an administrative hearing conducted by the California DMV, where an entirely different set of laws and procedures apply.

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