A Guide to Search Results for "Driver's License Suspensions" and "Driver's License Suspension Hearings"

The search term "drivers license suspension" and "driver's license suspension hearing" are frequently used by people who are looking for legal information about a driver's license which has been suspended; as this search tool is directed to the subject of drunk driving, most people are looking for information about a suspension due to a DUI arrest. The California Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV") is the governmental agency responsible for enforcing the provisions of the so-called "administrative per-se" ("APS") laws. These harsh laws provide for the immediate suspension of the driver's license in drunk driving cases -- including immediate seizure of the license by the arresting officer. The confiscation and suspension must take place when either:

  1. 1. the person has taken a breath test at the police station with a result of .08% blood-alcohol or higher; or
  2. 2. the individual has a blood sample withdrawn for later analysis; or
  3. 3. the arrestee refuses to submit to either a breath or blood test; or
  4. 4. the driver is under 21 and has tested at .01% blood-alcohol or higher.

The length and terms of the suspension will vary depending upon the circumstances. It is critical to understand, however, that the individual arrested has a right to demand an administrative hearing -- but only if the demand is made within ten days of the arrest.

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