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The search term "license suspension", or "driver's license suspension", is frequently used by people who are looking for information about a suspension of a driver's license, often as a result of an arrest for driving under the influence, or "DUI". The California Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV") is the governmental agency responsible for enforcing the provisions of the so-called "administrative per-se" ("APS") laws. These harsh laws provide for the immediate suspension of the driver's license in drunk driving (DUI) cases -- including immediate seizure of the license by the arresting officer. The confiscation and suspension must take place when either:

  1. 1. the person has taken a breath test at the police station with a result of .08% blood-alcohol or higher; or
  2. 2. the individual has a blood sample withdrawn for later analysis; or
  3. 3. the arrestee refuses to submit to either a breath or blood test; or
  4. 4. the driver is under 21 and has tested at .01% blood-alcohol or higher.

The length and terms of the suspension will vary depending upon the circumstances. It is critical to understand, however, that the individual arrested has a right to demand an administrative hearing -- but only if the demand is made within ten days of the arrest.

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