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The search term "Los Angeles DUI law firms" is usually used by people who are looking for information about finding DUI attorneys or DUI lawyers who specialize in defending against the criminal offense of drunk driving in Los Angeles City or Los Angeles County. The laws in California applicable to "drunk driving" are harsh and extremely complex, as to the offenses, punishment and administrative license suspensions; normal constitutional protections often do not apply. The offense can consist of driving under the influence of alcohol or a combination of alcohol and drugs, which can be largely established with police opinion testimony, or it can consist of driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08% or higher; in most cases, both offenses will be charged. Police evidence may require addressing complex issues concerning blood and breath alcohol analysis. Punishment involves a labyrinth of statutes, requiring jail, fines, schools, license restrictions/suspensions, ignition interlock devices, vehicle forfeiture, probation, etc.; some can involve factual variables triggering so-called "enhancements", which further increase the sentence. Separate from the criminal proceedings, the arrestee has the right to demand a hearing to contest the administrative suspension of his or her driver's license, where an entirely different set of laws and procedures apply.

Faced with the complexities of a drunk driving criminal prosecution and with a DMV administrative license suspension as well, it is imperative that one obtain the services of a good lawyer experienced in this highly specialized field.

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